Fencing Guidelines

Below are approved fencing styles for The Meadowlands neighborhood as well as a color palate for stain and paint colors. Please note that the name of some stains and paints by Lindsey Hallman have changed and you may not find the exact same color as those listed. The ACC has full discretion on determining if a requested fence plan is appropriate for the neighborhood and may or may not grant variances for plans that are not exact matches to the styles below. 

It is your responsibility to contact the City of Madison to ensure the installation of your fence will be in compliance with the codes and ordinances of the City of Madison. The City of Madison does not require approval or a building permit for the construction of a fence. You can find more information about city fencing regulations at the City of Madison Development Services Center website

The Meadowlands Homeowners Association strongly recommends that you contact Diggers Hotline prior to digging. You may reach them at 1-800-242-8511.

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